Gig Posters

Gig Posters A combination of illustration, design and hand-drawn lettering helps me develop unique gig posters. I use all mediums when playing in this area, including inking, lettering, painting and screen printing. 

Ink Drawings

Ink Drawings Here are some examples of ink drawings that evolved from pencil sketches in my notebook. Most of the time I use a brush tip that I can fill with ink so it has a continuous flow that allows me to treat it like sketching with a marker. It's my favorite medium to finalize [...]

Sketch Work

Sketches Here are a few ink sketches pulled from my sketchbook. I use a fillable brush with ink to finalize my pencil sketches. Sketching is a nice break from working digitally and challenges myself to work without having that "ctrl-z" option we've all grown too comfortable relying on.